Manager’s Details and Message

Pal ji Master Sahab

NSR Junior High School founded by Mr. Ram Abhilash Pal (known as Palji) – conferred with a number of prestigious honours and awards in the field of Education, has made a mark in the field of Education.

There are huge list of his students,who are most successful in their career fields like Engineering,Medical,Research,Civil Services,Armed Forces,Education and many more… Few student names are listed here and to know click on Students.

Education acts as a spark between stimulus & response, to initiate and act, to create, to generate and to propagate. It further enriches the individual with the control & synergy of emotions – intellectual, spiritual, social & physical.

The strength of synergy transforms the individual to a personality. I invite you all to be a part of this transformation.


Ram Abhilash Pal


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